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PA Voter Information Network (PAVIN) is a  candidate video production company designed for local candidates who can’t afford traditional television or radio broadcasting.  It was originally started as an independent political news YouTube channel in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, but the name was changed to PA Voter Information Network when the channel began covering the state-wide races.  See HERE.  PAVIN can provide tech support, video production, and a questioner to simulate an online news interview, or can help with video messaging, drafting an elevator pitch to be used at a voter’s door, or stump speech for your political committee.

We also invite you to join us on our Facebook group HERE with the same name and join us in lively bi-partisan political discussions.  The group typically discusses all types of political issues, world, national, state, local, and legal issues, and the focus is on civil discourse.  The founder, Larry DeMarco, believes that political discussion should be more focused on bridging the deep, partisan divide rather than winning an argument.  He further believes in listening to learn more about opposing viewpoints rather than arguing to persuade.


Larry DeMarco, the founder of PAVIN, is a former chairman of his local township committee, long time committeeperson, election protection attorney, former state representative candidate, and host of his County’s local political news channel.  He started his news channel because of unfair news coverage that his political party received while the county was ruled by an opposing political machine.  When Larry ran for state representative, the most expensive cost was in producing the 30 second campaign video, so Larry was determined to save other candidates in his political party the unnecessary cost of video production. 

To help make running for office more affordable in his local county, Larry learned videography, video editing, and production so that other candidates who wanted to run for political office wouldn’t be discouraged by the steep price of campaign advertising.  Larry has received a dual certification in digital marketing from the American Marketing Association and Digital Marketing Institute.  Larry also practices law and makes educational legal videos.


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